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What does it do?

What does it do?

Doing the hard work for you

Initially, we want to help you merge & connect information. This could be from two or more files, in any text format.

We were, so are now trying to create something that is quicker, easier and significantly more powerful!

Picture of factory - brewing data

Brewing data

The Information Brewery

The Information Brewery (TIB) is a toolset you can use to help bring your data to life.

Just as brewing brings together different ingredients, includes many different stages, the end result is amazing. TIB allows you to mix up all your data and distil the bits you want.

Terms, Conditions & Privacy


*** This is a site and product are under development please keep that in mind  ***


The purpose of The Information Brewery is to make it easy for you to look at, convert and share any data that you have.


We will try and ensure that:

  • The site is available and reliable
  • That any information you store is safe
  • If you ask us to fix something quickly, we will try and do that


Please be aware that:

  • We will never pass on your data or your details to a third party for their use
  • We use cookies (but only for session identification), and note IP addresses (just to stop spam)
  • We only support browsers with JavaScript enabled
  • We don't achieve accessibility compliance yet (we will, but this is early stage work!). If you want to get going with our site and and specific requests please send them through
  • We do cache data on our severs
  • Currently we use Dropbox to store your files - which is backed up. However, please do not rely on us to have the only copy of your data
  • We do have regular backups but, until we have a full production website, please do not rely on us



  • This site is not about us finding out about you - we store the minimum amount to allow the applications to run
  • We will never publish your data or details, unless you choose to do so
  • Deleting your data - click here to raise a support ticket


What data do we process and why

  • There are different types of data we hold:
    • Data you want us to convert or, if you choose, to share with people you know
    • Your login details
    • Security logs to help us secure this site
    • Analytics
  • Data you want to convert
    • The purpose of this site is to help you move, manage and convert your data - we hold data you upload, simply to process it for you as you request 
    • You remain the data controller
    • We don't look at any of your data. If there is a problem with our converters and you want us to fix the converter. we might need to look at your data - if so we will always ask you before opening
    • If you choose to share your data with others, and you input email addresses - we keep those as distribution lists you can use again. Please always get permissions from your friends before using their email address
    • Data deletion - we will do this if you ask, click here to raise a support ticket
  • Your login details
    • We hold the minimum possible data about you (email address), just enough to allow you to secure your login
    • If you use Facebook or Google logins, we don't even hold your password
    • As mentioned above, we will never pass on your details to any third parties
    • If you want your account removed / deleted - please click here to raise a support ticket
  • Security logs
    • We do hold IP addresses, and dates and times you login. We only use this to spot malicious users
    • We might look at usage patterns of files and data connections made
  • Analytics
    • We do use Google Analytics - we will offer options to disable that in the near future
    • We do look at general usage patterns on the site to help us improve it
    • We are looking to build a larger service, so we look at the types of data (e.g. file type) that are most common