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What does it do?

What does it do?

Doing the hard work for you

Initially, we want to help you merge & connect information. This could be from two or more files, in any text format.

We were, so are now trying to create something that is quicker, easier and significantly more powerful!

Picture of factory - brewing data

Brewing data

The Information Brewery

The Information Brewery (TIB) is a toolset you can use to help bring your data to life.

Just as brewing brings together different ingredients, includes many different stages, the end result is amazing. TIB allows you to mix up all your data and distil the bits you want.

Welcome to the first demos

Below are a list of converters we have published to help you use information and data more easily.

For each converter - you can view the information or download it as a file. You can also customise the converter by changing the files or websites the converter links to.


  Name Created Customise Download View  
  BBC News UK - RSS 09/10/2017 customise download view  
  Data.gov.uk MHCLG Dwellings Completed 14/10/2018 customise download view