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What does it do?

What does it do?

Doing the hard work for you

Initially, we want to help you merge & connect information. This could be from two or more files, in any text format.

We were, so are now trying to create something that is quicker, easier and significantly more powerful!

Picture of factory - brewing data

Brewing data

The Information Brewery

The Information Brewery (TIB) is a toolset you can use to help bring your data to life.

Just as brewing brings together different ingredients, includes many different stages, the end result is amazing. TIB allows you to mix up all your data and distil the bits you want.


We are making a self service set of tools to allow you or your business to publish solutions to problems - e.g. convert your iTunes library into a list you can view or edit.

This is an early - very, early stage site showing some of the technology we are developing to help you make better use of data and information. Sadly there will be occasional errors, but it will work and is safe.

What can you do?

  • Convert data to JSON, XML, Excel, CSV and even a MySQL Script
  • Extract, visually, just key parts of your documents
  • Share the parts of the data
  • See who has viewed your data
  • You can view a few demos on theĀ Demos page.

You can then either view the information on screen, or download the data as a file.

Extracting data isn't new - you may be thinking "can't you do this in Access, Excel, or similar"? Well, yes, but TIB is building something that is visual and easy to use. Aren't you fed up with messing about with cells, formulas and queries?

If this sounds interesting or you have some information you want converting that you think others will benefit from - please contact us!