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What does it do?

What does it do?

Doing the hard work for you

Initially, we want to help you merge & connect information. This could be from two or more files, in any text format.

We were, so are now trying to create something that is quicker, easier and significantly more powerful!

Picture of factory - brewing data

Brewing data

The Information Brewery

The Information Brewery (TIB) is a toolset you can use to help bring your data to life.

Just as brewing brings together different ingredients, includes many different stages, the end result is amazing. TIB allows you to mix up all your data and distil the bits you want.




Convert JSON

Upload a JSON file, or enter a URL. This will allow you to explore and find where the data is.

Select what you want and convert it to a table.

Then save as CSV, Excel, XML, back into JSON or even a MySQL Script

If you create a login, you can then rerun it when you want. You can also bookmark the page and trigger a run that way. 


Excel file

Allows you to share the whole file (but the person needs Excel to view it); or you can just share the part of it on a web page - for instance a table or area of the file.



RSS Feed

If you want to get a snapshot of a specific RSS feed and download it in a different format, use this. You can save the details and run anytime again. You can also get a URL that will return the file in that format, based on the latest RSS contents.



Run some Demos

Just a few demos of the type of data and information that can be worked with



Share a file

Focus is on Excel to start with - you can share the whole file (and the person needs Excel to view it); or you can just share the plain data, for instance a table or area of the file.

You do need to be registered to use this cry - we've made this easy, you can use your Facebook or Google accounts. It is needed to keep away the hackers and spammers...



My Data

View the data you have shared or worked with previously




Just a few options at this stage, these are self service set of data tools to allow you or your business to publish solutions to problems. 

  • Extracting just key parts of a JSON file
  • Converting JSON to XML, Excel, CSV, a MySQL Script or back into JSON
  • Sharing whole or part Excel files
  • Following who has opened or downloaded your data
  • Some simple converters

Extracting data isn't new - you may be thinking "can't you do this in Access, Excel, or similar"? Well, yes, but we are building something that is visual, no-coding needed and easy to use. 

Feedback new feature requests, at some point we will add low-code options to give you more options. 


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